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May 24, 2022

Re: Survey and Contract Proposals

Brothers and Sisters,

The survey in January provided clear direction on all but one of your priorities. The one question that I'd like clarification on, for the Rank and File committee's benefit, is regarding whether you would rather do limited issue bargaining, or whether you would like to open the whole contract. Those that participated chose limited issue by a small margin, but the number of issues to be addressed was unclear. In this follow up survey, we ask which direction you would like to see the Rank and File committee pursue on your behalf, followed by a dropdown button to choose the number of issues you would like to see bargained. This is a very important component of the bargaining strategy, and as a result, the survey will remain open for thirty (30) days to give you time to decide which course of action you would like to see utilized.

To be clear, whatever direction the membership chooses is completely up to you and we will proceed accordingly. Several members asked after the last survey what the pros and cons of each choice were. While there are several factors to consider, below are the basic pros and cons to each method.

For limited issue bargaining the pros would be a somewhat reduced time to negotiate a new Agreement. The downside would be that provisions that were not a higher priority, as defined by membership input, would remain as they currently are. 

For normal negotiations the pros would be that every provision would be subject to scrutiny and possible negotiations to achieve gains. The downside is that bargaining unlimited issues means the timeframe to reach an Agreement would be increased.

In order to better communicate what is happening during negotiations, which came through loud and clear as a top priority, the survey will require your personal email address to complete. No company email addresses will be used for communication as they are stored on the company server. Thank you for participating in this survey, and we look forward to helping your committee achieve an industry leading Agreement on your behalf.

The link for the survey is:

Additionally, the contract proposal form remains open until further notice. The link for the proposal form is:


Joe Ferreira

Director, Airline Division

International Brotherhood of Teamsters