Teamsters Local 986 Airline Division.

Teamsters Seattle Portland

The Northwest parts of the United States are home to over 450 Local 986 airline mechanics. The companies represented are the soon to be merged United and Continental Airlines, as well as Horizon Airlines which makes up the majority of the 986 membership in the Northwest. Horizon mechanics find Portland, Oregon as their base of operations but also hold maintenance stations in other parts of the state such as Medford, Eugene, and Redmond. In Washington, we have Horizon Mechanics in Seattle, Spokane, and Bellingham. Further South Horizon maintenance stations extend to Boise Idaho, and finally Los Angeles, California.
United Airlines is in the process of merging with Continental to become one single United Airlines Group and we have over a hundred mechanics in Seattle. Portland Oregon is home to a smaller number of UAL mechanics who hold the honor of consistently  holding the best maintenance record on the United Airlines system.
We are all proud to work in the Northwest, and pleased to be part of the largest and First Teamster Airline Division Local in the United States.